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Experience. Integrity. Excellence.

Where innovation meets design.

Trinity Dominion utilizes the latest technology, employs the best talent, and works with local industry professionals to create the most beautiful and distinctive homes. Carefully designed and meticulously detailed, homes feature upscale finishes, open space opportunities and unparalleled architectural details that offer comfort and health as a result of state-of-the-art engineering and modern technologies.

Trinity Dominion recently received three awards from the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey (SBACNJ) at the 19th Annual FAME Awards across an array of categories, including Best Corporate Brochure, Best Custom Home, and Best Traditional Marketing Strategy for “The Cooper House”.


The best part of building a new home is the trust and collaboration that goes into it. Trinity Dominion works with the  customer to brainstorm ideas and create the perfect place to dwell.


Passionate about every home, Trinity Dominion goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer’s dream is achieved through functional planning, sustainable practices and the finest quality materials.


Trinity Dominion’s steadfast desire to be innovative, creative and organic when developing and implementing home building solutions keeps them at the forefront of modern home design.

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