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Social initiative


Help us to Protect our Loved Ones


At Trinity Dominion, we are committed to caring for our community, which is why we are taking preventative action and would like to invite you to do the same.


The coronavirus has affected us all, and we’ve observed a significant shortage of medical face mask, N95 respirator and other gear to protect our medical professional, and all Americans.


Fortunately, we have managed to use our personal and diplomatic relations in Beijing to secure protective materials such as medical face masks and N95 respirators at factory prices in China. We are working to organize a prompt air cargo shipment so we can offer protection to our workers and by extension, our whole community, friends and family.




To help our industry during this challenging time as the coronavirus affects us all, we’d like to invite our partners, colleagues, home building industry members, or any private companies or individuals, to join us and place an order. Together we can protect our communities.


We will be shipping medical face masks and N95 respirators and other protective items direct from Chinese manufacturers, and the first order is due to be delivered on April 15-18. However, the exact date may vary as the situation is continually developing.


If you would like to place an order for protective materials as well, please get in contact. We ask for full prepayment as we are facing huge demand and placing orders for tremendous quantities at once.


Our Chinese partners run production 24 hours a day and fulfill orders on a first-pay, first-served basis, and we are happy to share this opportunity with anyone who needs it.


We encourage you to take proactive action with us so we can all protect our communities and fight the coronavirus.

Protect our Doctors

Donate to healthcare workers


We invite you to make a donation to supply our healthcare workers with the protective equipment they need.

Our frontline healthcare workers are our most valuable asset and uniquely vulnerable to this virus due to the work they do. Let’s offer a token of our appreciation with the equipment they need.