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Let’s build your home

We are an integrated team combining our deep knowledge of architectural design, construction and project management to build a home specifically made for you.

With more than 150 years of joint experience in the industry, we draw on traditional wisdom and combine it with the latest cutting-edge technology to create a place where you will feel safe and nurtured, and where your family can grow and thrive.

Why build with us?

At Trinity Dominion, we have built a team of architectural, design, construction and project management experts ready to get to work on your project. They will collaborate with you, listen to your ideas, and help you realize the home of your dreams without letting you settle for less.

We do this by using the latest technology, employing the best talent and working with local industry professionals so that we make sure that we always deliver the best.

And we promise you this: when it comes to NJ real estate, we won’t just build you a house. We will build you a home. A place where you can feel safe and supported, where you can grow and create, the forever home you’ve been waiting for.

What are you waiting for? There’s no time like now to get started on building your new home.



When you build a home with Trinity Dominion, you are building a home founded on more than 150 years of joint experience. This experience is drawn from our experts in design, architecture, construction project management and the NJ real estate professionals we work with.

Where innovation meets design

When we are working on a project, we pay attention to every last detail so we can bring your vision to life. Creating somebody’s dream home is a great responsibility and one we relish, thinking creatively to craft the perfect new build homes. Discover our latest projects.